From Romania’s Carpathian Mountains to your tea cup.

Wild herbs are gathered by hand in one of the largest stretches of undisturbed primeval forests in Europe Then they’re processed to ensure maximum potency.

Brewing centuries of tradition and knowledge.

Wild Bliss Organics are sourced in the wild and created using time-tested processes. Centuries of regional herbal knowledge are brewed into every cup.

Certified with the good stuff.

USDA Organic Certification means your herbal tea is free of pesticides and impurities. Ecocert verifies that our harvesting and reseeding programs help maintain the environment for future generations.

Cultivated by the elements.

The herbs in our teas are picked by hand in the remote parts of primeval forests in the Carpathian Mountains. These herbs are more than organic; they’re wild-cultivated by Mother Nature herself.

The product was modeled, textured and rendered in MODO 10.2. The scene was illuminated with HDR light and some area light to define the contours. Modeling, texturing, scene composition, lighting, rendering and post-production, all were created from scratch.

Client: WildBliss Organics

Location: Romania

Project: WildBliss Organics Tea

What we do: Product 3D Modeling and Rendering