Glow from within.

We signed the logo and the packaging design, beyond to the product 3D visualization, all images are 100% CGI.

The collagen infused water is where innovation meets beauty.

GLOW was formulated by dermatologists and engineers to help stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles and cellulite, and help improve skin hydration and elasticity. With 2,500 mg of hydrolyzed collagen in each bottle, GLOW is clinically proven to help support hair, skin, nail and joint health.

The Dr. Herb team consists of ivy league-trained dermatologists and industry-leading Swiss engineers.

With dozens of publications in the world’s best scientific journals, the group innovates. I was invited to create the new packaging design and visual identity for the this new and disruptive product.

Client: Dr. Herb

Location: USA

Project: Glow Collagen Infused Water

What we did: Brand, Packaging Design and CGI