Doce Gosto Gourmet promotes the best fruits, vegetables and their derivatives, produced and processed exclusively in organic production, in an environmentally sustainable way, handcrafted with high quality regional products.

These jams are the result of knowledge preserved over several generations and still allow us to find flavors and textures of other times. Traditional way of conserving fruit in abundance at a certain time of year, jams are the combination of the fresh produce of the season and sugar.

We signed the logo and the packaging design, beyond to the product 3D visualization, all the images are 100% 3D.

The scene was illuminated with HDRI light and some area light to define the contours. Modeling, texturing, scene composition, lighting, rendering and post-production, all were created from scratch.​​

Client: Doce Gosto Gourmet

Location: Portugal

Project: Doce Gosto Gourmet

What we do: Packaging Design and 3D Modeling and Rendering