AME, a Brazilian multi-specialty clinic.

Brand identity for AME, a multi-specialty clinic from the north region of Brazil. Although in Portuguese, AME is actually an acronym for Multi-Specialty Clinic is impossible not to read as a word. In Portuguese “AME” means to love, and this translates all the care and attention dedicated to each life.

Well, we were determined to exalt the concept behind the brand proposal, which is the care and attention to life as a competitive differential in an area that receives many criticisms related to this in Brazil, whether in the public or private sector.

We were also determined to use red and blue as the brand’s primary colors, and that was our starting point.

We seek to integrate the international symbol of medical care with the maximum symbol of love, which symbolizes caring and dedication in the form of medical care, and we think of how to embrace it as if the heart embraced and was also the basis that shapes the company purpose.

Like all branding projects, we discuss the company’s institutional proposal and define two basic concepts to guide the creative process.

After this definition and once the primary colors of the brand have been defined, we begin by creating primitive shapes and in them we test several color variations until finding the ideal color pattern.

Defining the colors of the brand, we begin to exercise the drawing, creating as many variations as possible of symbols that transmit those basic concepts defined previously, and after choosing the best shapes we begin to try to integrate them somehow, always with the help of a grid Own created by us that helps to balance the drawing, and clear trying to somehow balance it using the golden ratio.

After the construction of the symbol it is time to draw the typography, and this one also begins in the definition of the proportion of the letters, defining maximum width and height. Yes, we like to draw the letters of all brands.
Client: AME

Location: Brazil

Project: AME – Multi-Specialty Clinic

What we do: Logo Design and Brand Identity