A real vegan chocolate brand created to define a new food category, the healthy tasty.

“Mo. Whoa” is a startup based in San Francisco, founded with the mission to make the world of healthy food sweeter. With a modern and fun communication, the goal becomes closer, aligning the speech with the visual proposal, establishing a synergistic connection with the target audience.

To stay on chocolate’s “good side”, the brand brings a high percentage of cacao, between 55 and 85 percent.

The brand uses the wonderful properties of coconut milk to bring creaminess and sweetness, achieving a pronounced flavor without using milk of animal origin or derivatives.

“Mo.Whoa” believes in using only the best ingredients, and in being transparent about how the products are made.

We encourage you to learn more about each of vegan options to ensure you are selecting the best chocolate for your lifestyle.

We signed the naming, brand identity, packaging design and product 3D visualization.

3D modeling, texturing and rendering were created using Foundry Modo, the packaging design was created in Adobe Illustrator with post-production on Adobe Photoshop.

We also designed the chocolate bar shape.

The split may seem a little unfair, but it reminds you that people are different, in this way each one can choose the size that suits you best, or if it’s only for you, choose according to your mood. 🙂

Client: Mo. Whoa Inc.

Location: USA

Project: Mo. Whoa Chocolate

What we do: Branding, Graphic and Packaging Design